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“Snapping-in” and Prayer

    In Nehemiah 2:4, it says that he “prayed to the God of heaven.”  We understand from the context, it is a short prayer, that shoots up to heaven.  These are important, but they cannot replace the solemn labor of prayer, which in fact become the basis of effectual short prayers.  
    It reminds me of years ago, when I went through Marine PLC Officer Training.  They would place us in large circles around white barrels with black “bull’s eyes” painted on them.  We spent hours practicing firing empty rifles at them in the different shooting positions (snapping-in).  The purpose?  To become very familiar with the weapon and sight picture (view of the target in the sights), and “comfortable” in the shooting positions.  Then we would go to the ranges with “live” ammunition, where the bulk of the time would be spent on developing and perfecting our shooting.  After much time spent in this training, our familiarity and practice made us ready for combat.  In that setting, we could snap into the position and effectively shoot what we were aiming at, wasting little ammo and hopefully saving lives.
    Effective praying is very similar.

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Posted 06/25 04:04 PM
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