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What is the effect of understanding or walking in the “fear of the Lord,” on my life?  I think that a good illustration is seen in "drafting".  You see it in a flight of geese or a group of bicyclists, who are so close to the one in front, that they don’t have to work as hard to keep going.  On the highway, a small car follows close to a  “Semi” so that his draft pulls the car along.  Walking in the fear of the Lord, is following so close to the Lord Jesus, that He draws me along with Him.  Falling back, or falling away from Him, makes it much harder.  Understanding the fear of the Lord, helps me to draft Jesus. Who do you follow?  How close?  Adapted from "Opposition from Within: We have met the enemy and he is Us!" a study on Nehemiah 5.     

Posted 08/09 06:14 PM
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