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Week of September 2, 2018

Morning Worship 11:00 AM

Sermon Text: Romans 8:18-25

Sermon Title: “The Perplexing Mysteries of Providence”



Today – We welcome to our pulpit again, Rev. Roger Wagner, pastor of Bayview OPC. He is also our ministerial advisor until we receive our new pastor, Rev. Joe Puglia in September. Pastor Wagner will preach at the Morning Worship Service and will administer the Lord's Supper. There will be no evening service.


Feast Day Today – We call the first Sunday of the month "Feast Day." Everyone is invited to stay after the morning service to have a meal together.


Lodging for Pastor Joe and Jesse – They will be needing lodging when they arrive until they acquire a house. It may be for as long or as short a time as schedules allow.

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