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Week of September 16, 2018

Morning Worship 11:00 AM

Sermon Text: Matthew 3:1-17

Sermon Title: “Getting to Know Jesus through His Baptism”

Evening Worship 6:00 PM

Sermon Text: 1 John 1

Sermon Title: “How Can I Know? Having Real Assurance, Part 1”



Today – We want to welcome you to Bonita Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Joshua Van Ee is returning to our pulpit to preach our Morning Worship Service and Stephen Parker will bring us the Word for our Evening Worship Service. Please plan to attend both services.

Women's Retreat – An insert is included announcing a one day retreat held October 6, 2018 at Westminster OPC. The speaker is Diane Olinge presenting, “Mary and Martha Encounter Jesus: 'One Thing is Necessary.'”

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