Worship Service 11:00 am, 6pm btn-mag+directions

Week of May17,2015

Morning Worship 11:00 AM

Sermon Text: Galatians 1:11-12; 2Corinthians 4

Sermon Title: Our Authority and Commission

Evening Worship 6:00 PM

Sermon Text: Psalm 24:1; Isaiah 58:5-10; Galatians 6:9-10

Sermon Title: The 8th – A Matter of Stewardship


Today - We want to welcome you to Bonita Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Pastor Stephen Parker will preach at the Morning and Evening Worship Service.

Bible Study and Prayer – Wednesday at 7pm – TBA

Family Camp – The Family Camp will be June 15-19 at Pinecrest Christian Center. Pastor Roger Wagner will be the speaker. You can register online at: http://www.blueridgebibleconference.org

IBCD Summer Institute – will be held at the Mission Hills Church in San Marcos, CA June 25-27.  

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