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Week of July 8,2018

Morning Worship 11:00 AM

Sermon Text: Isaiah 35

Sermon Title: “Behold Your God Will Come”


Today – We want to welcome you to Bonita Orthodox Presbyterian Church today. We welcome again Dr. Charles Telfer, Professor of Biblical Languages at Westminster Seminary West. He will preach at the Morning Worship Service. In the evening we will have our Prayer Service.

Trustees' Meeting - will meet this Tuesday at 7pm.

New Members – The Fraas family will be received into our membership next Sunday, July 15. There will be a reception for the Fraas family after the Morning Worship Service.

New Pastor – The Congregation voted to extend a call to Rev. Joe Puglia as our new pastor. He accepted the call and will be here this week to attend Presbytery and will be with us us for both the Morning and Evening Worship Services next Sunday. Please plan to attend both the services next Sunday.

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