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    <div>   <span style="white-space: pre" class="Apple-tab-span">  </span>What is the effect of understanding or walking in the &ldquo;fear of the Lord,&rdquo; on my life? &nbsp;I think that a good illustration is seen in &quot;drafting&quot;. &nbsp;You see it in a flight of geese or a group of bicyclists, who are so close to the one in front, that they don&#8217;t have to work as hard to keep going. &nbsp;On the highway, a small car follows close to a &nbsp;&ldquo;Semi&rdquo; so that his draft pulls the car along. &nbsp;Walking in the fear of the Lord, is following so close to the Lord Jesus, that He draws me along with Him. &nbsp;Falling back, or falling away from Him, makes it much harder. &nbsp;Understanding the fear of the Lord, helps me to draft Jesus. Who do you follow? &nbsp;How close? &nbsp;Adapted from <a href="http://bonitaopc.org/uploads/Opposition_From_Within_(We_have_met_the_enemy,_and_he_is_Us).mp3">&quot;Opposition from Within: We have met the enemy and he is Us!&quot;</a> a study on Nehemiah 5. &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div><br /></div>
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